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The MedCare Clinics practice management model is built to simplify and streamline all processes when it comes to medical practice management. It is proven to increase clinic business growth, raise patient retention rates, and significantly benefit overall operations. Administrative duties can be as crucial as hiring and training employees, submitting billings to the MOHLTC and purchasing competitive medical equipment/supplies. As the industry continues to become more complex, we believe that applying the latest technologies and business practices will benefit medical practice operations significantly.

why partner with MedCare clinics

  • Better work-life balance
  • Optimize practice income
  • IT, EMR, HR, Marketing, payroll services provided
  • Professional support staff and management teams
  • Scheduling & billing services provided
  • Transition to a different billing/funding model
  • Reduce the number of missed appointments
  • Decrease patient telephone wait times/missed calls
  • Ensure a high attendance rate of patients for physicians

MedCare Clinics is committed to helping physicians expanding and operating profitable practices by taking the business out of medicine. To have your clinic a part of MedCare Clinics practice management model, please contact for more details.