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close or move your practice

If you are a physician who is looking to move or close your practice due to high running costs, increased rent, retirement or for any other reason; reach out to MedCare Clinics today to discuss options to move in or transition your existing practice to one of your established clinics or for an opportunity to take over your practice and bring in our team of providers.

move your practice

Whether you are looking to relocate, expand or locum, MedCare Clinics is committed to helping you focus on patient care without the stress of clinic management. MedCare Clinics is committed to helping physicians set up and run profitable practices by taking the business out of medicine.

what are the advantages to joining our team?

  • No start-up costs or investment
  • Minimal management free – No additional overhead
  • No lease or mortgage
  • Flexible hours and convenient shift coverage
  • Professional support staff and management teams
  • Scheduling and Billing Services provided
  • Flexible short-term contracts
  • Conveniently located clinics
thinking of selling?

Contact us today at to discuss options for selling your clinic.