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Physician opportunities

Join Our Team & Make a Difference

Whether you are looking to open your first practice, relocate, expand or locum, MedCare Clinics is committed to helping you focus on patient care without the stress of clinic management. MedCare Clinics is dedicated to helping Physicians set up and run profitable practices by taking the business out of medicine.

Why join
MedCare clinics?

Better Work-life Balance

Run a successful patient-centered practice, without sacrificing income or quality of patient care.

Increase Income

Numerous providers working with MedCare clinics have successfully and efficiently increased their net income by focusing on patient care rather then clinic management.

Multispecialty team & dedicated Staff

The MedCare team consists of some of the best primary care and specialist providers as well as professionally trained staff, including NPs, RNs & PAs.


Modern, well-maintained, fully customized state-of-the-art facilities that are conveniently located at high-traffic locations. Move in or we can help you create the perfect space for your practice.

to Physicians

  • Guaranteed monthly income
  • No start-up costs or investment
  • Minimal management fee - No additional overhead
  • No lease or mortgage
  • IT, EMR, HR, Marketing, payroll services provided
  • Flexible hours & convenient shift coverage
  • Professional support staff and management teams
  • Scheduling & billing services provided
  • Collaborative work environments
  • Flexible short-term contracts
  • Voluminous patient flow
  • Diverse range of patients
  • Full administrative support

Opportunities are now available for locums, new graduates, established Physicians and internationally licensed Physicians. All primary care and specialists are welcome! Please contact for more details.