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franchise opportunities

When you open your own MedCare Clinics franchise, you are in business for yourself, not by yourself. Our model is truly turn-key, offering full one-on-one support. It's important to take certain things into consideration like accessibility for your patients, the right neighbours, and a properly structured office lease. We will assist you in choosing a location for your clinic that appeals most to your desired demographic. Once we have selected where your clinic will be based, we go so far as to design the layout of the clinic. Consulting with you, we will focus on the most vital aspects of your business, like atmosphere, spatial efficiency, and patient comfort.

We are looking for qualified physicians to align with our medical clinic franchise program towards making a positive impact on their practices, along with their patients, as well as their professional and personal lives. With our exclusive medical practice franchise model, you will have access to a unique suite of support services and functions, specifically designed to optimize your medical practice operations:


Start-Up Assistance

Guidance on the set-up and layout of your practice location, and review of potential lease agreements, where applicable, to help maximize every square foot of space in your facility.

Pre-Opening Training

Thorough orientation on operating procedures for your practice, plus on-site training to ensure you can implement highly effective clinic management practices and can communicate them to your team.

Operations Manual

A detailed manual containing practice management procedures related to appointments, scheduling, billing, coding, general operations, and more.

Equipment & Technology Assistance

Access to approved vendors for ordering equipment and supplies, plus access to a user-friendly electronic medical records software program.

Ongoing Support

Periodic on-site support visits and ongoing remote support.

Marketing Assistance

Assistance with the development of initial and ongoing patient marketing campaigns and other sales tools, to help continually promote your practice in the community.

Dedicated Team

Assistance with recruitment and hiring of physicians, support staff and allied health professionals.

To learn more about how we can support you through our medical clinic franchise program, please contact for more details.