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Training students today,
to become professionals of tomorrow

MedCare Clinics provide a wide range of learning opportunities across multiple aspects of healthcare, enabling students a unique experience to link their classroom teachings with the realities of healthcare. We are very proud of our reputation for excellence with respect to the provision of training opportunities for students.

medical students

MedCare Clinics welcomes medical students from Canada and the US as well as international medical students and graduates. As a clinical teaching site for various academic institutions, MedCare Clinics offer a unique teaching environment with primary care and specialist physicians. Medical students are permitted to partake in clinical interactions, procedures and discuss patient care with preceptors. Our students have found their placements at MedCare Clinics to be exciting and rewarding experiences which have prepared them to become successful candidates for residency positions.

physician assistant & nursing students

MedCare Clinics offer diverse and challenging clinical experiences to physician assistant & nursing students. This clinical experience provides physician assistant and nursing students with the opportunity to work in a multidisciplinary healthcare team environment to provide patient care for lifelong learning and skill acquisition. Students are able to train under the guidance of preceptors in preparing them for their future career in healthcare. They will recognize the most common cases in family practice as well as treatment and management options.

Medical office administration students

Medical Office Administration (Medical Office Assistant) staff, are essential members of a healthcare team. Medical office assistants are often the first people patients meet when they enter a clinic and play a key role in enhancing the patient experience. They have important roles in patient communication, clerical duties, organizing records and supporting our health professionals to manage administrative processes. MOAs work closely with our healthcare professionals at MedCare Clinics to support administrative processes and are key liaisons to maximize the patient experience.

Social work students

MedCare Clinics is committed to the instruction and training of students from clinical social work programs. We provide placement opportunities for students training to become social workers in clinical practice to develop skills in social work intervention with individuals, families and groups. A variety of settings are available for students depending on their area of interest or their previous experience. Only students studying at an accredited school will be considered for placement.

pharmacy students

Pharmacy students will have the opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills in cutting-edge medication delivery and safety, pharmacy clinical informatics and inter-professional education. Our affiliated Pharmacies include diverse patient populations, numerous advanced practice preceptors and electronic charting techniques.

high school co-op / volunteer

The co-op/volunteer experience at MedCare Clinics provides students with the opportunity to explore careers in healthcare, develop the essential skills required in the workplace and gain valuable work experience to help build a resume for postsecondary programs and future employment.

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