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Specialty services


Our cardiology specialty care offers a range of services for patients suffering from heart diseases and disorders including coronary artery disease, heart arrhythmias, cardiomyopathy, congenital heart disease, and pericardial disease. Our experienced healthcare providers who are specially trained in the field of cardiology, will work hard to evaluate your condition, make a diagnosis, order tests, examine test results, clarify them, draft a treatment plan, and educate you. We are also able to provide you with a Cardiologist referral. We have built a collaborative physician driven environment that effectively delivers cardiac care services under the OHIP umbrella, through an easy and centralized booking system. We at MedCare Clinics are fully committed to providing our diverse community - easily accessible and top-notch cardiology services. Read More

Diabetes Management

MedCare's Diabetes Management Specialty Service helps patients who are living with Type 1, Type 2, Gestational, or latent autoimmune diabetes, receive ongoing support, self-care information and clinical management, to help them make healthy life choices. Our diabetes core team of endocrinologists, diabetes educators, nurses, dieticians, and pharmacists will also collaborate with physicians of other specialties including cardiologists, ophthalmologists, dentists, podiatrists, mental health professionals, nephrologists, and neurologists. This will ensure that the patient receives access to the resources that are required to help manage their disease. Our team will help individuals with diabetes make the right choices about food, physical activity, and medications with personalized treatment plans. Read More


MedCare’s Gynaecology Specialty Service is committed to supporting women at every age in their lives. With a range of reproductive and sexual health services that include conducting regular screenings to help with menstrual problems, fertility issues, cancers, conducting Pap tests and pelvic exams, treating vaginal infections and other reproductive system disorders, our team is here to help with their blend of expertise.The interdisciplinary team that consists of highly qualified obstetricians, nurses, paediatricians, lactation consultants and other healthcare providers, strives to provide. Read More

Internal Medicine

MedCare Clinic’s internal medicine specialists are well trained to diagnose and treat many health problems in adults with their clinical expertise. Our physicians help individuals lead a healthy and active life through health promotion and disease prevention services, with their years of expertise and extensive education. Our team of internistsare well experienced in dealing with a wide range of acute and chronic illnesses that affect adults. They also help patients manage advanced illnesses and diseases of more than one system, with ongoing care and comprehensive care programs. At MedCare Clinics, we ensure that all medical concerns of our patients are properly addressed andmanaged with the best treatment plan. Read More


MedCare’s Obstetrics Specialty Care Team is here to help you navigate through your pregnancy journey. Our team of obstetricians, paediatricians, nurses, and other healthcare providers are fully committed to supporting you and your family before, during, and after labour. We truly believe that pregnancy and childbirth is a lifechanging experience for every woman, and hence strive to provide you with the best prenatal and postnatal care. Our highly qualified staff specialize in both high-risk as well as low-risk pregnancies and foetal complications and, treat any health condition that may affect your pregnancy or your baby. Our physicians help in the diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions unique to pregnancy and specialize in caring for women for several weeks postpartum. Read More

Weight Loss

MedCare’s Weight Loss Management Specialty Care is designed to help you reach your weight and health goals. Our team of qualified and experienced Weight-loss physicians, bariatric surgeons, certified registered nurse practitioners (CRNPs), registered dietitians, exercise physiologists, mental health specialists, and pharmacists are here to help you achieve a healthy body and active lifestyle with comprehensive support programs. These customized programs are designed to facilitate long-term and healthy weight management. Our specialty care program focuses on evaluating the biological, lifestyle, and genetical factors leading to weight gain, and helping you practice the skills required to achieve a healthy weight goal. Our consultations will help you gain insights on a variety of topics including meal planning, portion identification and control, exercise, and psychology of weight loss. Read More

The goal of our speciality care services is to provide evidence-based care, that is both personalized and patient-centred. Our interdisciplinary team of healthcare providers focus on a goal-oriented approach when dealing with patient needs and demands. It is our priority to keep our patients well-informed and involved during their course of treatment andprovide them with an environment of respect and compassion. Through our specialty care services, we strive to make the healthcare journey of every patient - a smooth, easy, and successful one!

Why Choose Us for Specialty Care?

MedCare Clinics is always committed to providing exemplary patient care and accessible specialized services to all our patients. Our experienced and highly skilled healthcare providers are the key to our high-quality patient-centred, and exceptional healthcare services. We also believe in establishing a caring, compassionate, and respectful collaborative platform between our staff and patients. Patients have always been our priority, and we believe in encouraging a barrier-free environment. We value the unique rights and beliefs of our patients and their families. We continue to explore innovative approaches in modern medicine and maximise the utilization of health care resources, to help meet the unique demands and needs of our patients.